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Our Mission

We are asking the UN to formally engage in drafting and adopting a Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth to complement the Human Rights Declaration. A Declaration acknowledging Nature as a living being, deserving of rights and protection just like humans.

Your Part

To have the 1 million voices for the rights of Mother Earth heard we need your help. Sign and share the petition or submit your voice to inspire others.

Handover Signatures

The 1 million signatures will be presented in September 2023, at the UN in New York City for the 75th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration, asking for an equal commitment from world leaders for the protection of the source of life – Planet Earth.

Make A Donation And Make A Difference

As we focus our increased efforts in fulfilling our goal of legal representation embracing Rights of Nature, any donation you can make now will contribute towards the costs of supporting our many volunteers across the globe. 100% of your donations received by us will be used to help pay for the running costs and provision of personnel and services in the pursuit of our global mission.

1 Million 4 Earth

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