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Your financial support helps us to accomplish our goal of collecting 1 million signatures for a Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth to be adopted by the UN and the recognition of Rights of Nature. 1 Million 4 Earth was created in 2022 and is an action-based campaign to support the aim of Rights of Mother Earth, who has been lobbying for a Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth since 2010. 

 Your donations will be an investment in this paradigm shift and go 100 % to promote the petition, which represents the voice and wish from civil society to realize Rights of Nature. We are a volunteer-based movement, together with your financial support we can achieve our goal faster! We also welcome professional pro bono helping hands and hearts.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity in supporting our work.

Support Our Cause And Help Us Reach Our Petition Goal Of 1 Million Signatures

1 Million 4 Earth

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